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Toulouse Blagnac International Airport is a French Airport nearby to the city of Toulouse.  It is known as TLS, and is a hub for Air France and Easyjet.  About 6.9 million passengers currently pass through its doors each year, and it is therefore quite a large and important airport and gateway to the surrounding area.  Passengers on departure flights, and those who are just visiting, have several Toulouse Blagnac Airport parking facilities from which to choose, and within the terminal building, there are also all the amenities that a person would expect at such a busy airport.  Parking is not free of charge, but is reasonably priced. 

Toulouse Airport is easily reached by way of the A621, which is connected to the A620 that loops around the outskirts of Toulouse.  It is just a ten to twenty minute drive from the city centre, and is partly in the area of Blagnac, hence its common name of the Toulouse Blagnac Airport.  Once at the airport, passengers will find a large terminal building with four halls.  Each hall handles flights by various airline companies, but Hall D is the only one that handles international fights.  Air France is the dominant airline carrier in Hall B, which also happens to be the oldest part of the building.  In general, passengers can choose any one of the airport’s car parks, and will easily be able to reach the terminal and hall of their flight.  A parking lot is chosen due to its rates and length of stay the vehicle is allowed, rather than by its location, for example, a visitor only staying for an hour will find the Express Park P0 convenient, and passengers going away for a week will find the Ecoparks to be cost effective. 

When approaching the terminal building, motorists will notice a panel that displays the availability of spaces in all the car parks, and at the entrance of each car park, and panel displays the details of the spaces available.  Signposts lead the way to the various car parks.  

Express Car Parks at Toulouse Airport

There are two Express car parks at Toulouse Airport, and both are within a minute’s walk from the terminal building.  They are therefore always a very convenient option for parking, however, vehicles may not use these car parks for very long periods of time.  The first is a drop-off area only, which may be used for a maximum of ten minutes.  There are just sixty spaces in the area that can be used by vehicles with a maximum height of 2.7 metres.  It is also free to use for the ten minutes of parking allowed.  Airports have implemented such parking areas to reduce the flow of traffic on the terminal roads by motorists who simply wish to drop off departing passengers. 

The second Express car park is ideally used for stays of up to three hours.  There are 368 spaces and the first fifteen minutes are free of charge.  Between fifteen and thirty minutes will cost just 1 Euro, and up to an hour of parking will cost 3 Euro.  Two hours is 4 Euro and three hours will cost 6 Euro.  Additional hours in the area will cost 10 Euro each. 

The Toulouse Airport Proxiparks P1 and P2

These two car parks are larger in size, with over two thousand spaces each.  P1 has 2,528 spaces and P2 has 2,801 spaces.  They are both right at the terminal, within a minute’s walk from the airport’s facilities.  They are also both covered areas and are equipped with an electronic system to guide drivers to the nearest available space.  At each level, the available spaces are also indicated.  The maximum headroom of vehicles for the Proxiparks is 2.10 metres. 

P1 and P2 can be used by persons who are staying for a few hours or a few days.  The first fifteen minutes are free.  Three hours will cost 7 Euro, nine hours will cost 12 Euro and a day will cost 15.90 Euro.  Up to three days of parking will cost 47.70 Euro and a stay of seven to nine days will cost 105 Euro.  

The Ecoparks P5 and P6 of Toulouse Airport

These parking areas are the most cost effective to use if passengers will be away for a few days to a few weeks.  They are not located by the terminal building, but free shuttle buses are available for transport.  The shuttles leave the car park every twelve to thirteen minutes and depart from their designated shuttle stop outside of Hall D.  Passengers will not wait longer than fifteen minutes for a bus.  However, additional time should be allowed for shuttle transport.  Vehicles over 4.25 metres in height cannot enter P5, but vehicles of all heights can make use of P6.  Both car parks have three thousand spaces available. 

At the Ecoparks motorists will pay 12 Euro for parking between ten and twenty-four hours, 34 Euro for three days and 42 Euro for four days.  Ten to fifteen days of parking will cost just 61 Euro. 

At Toulouse Airport, there is also a dedicated area for motorcycle parking, with 190 spaces, and two new bike parks.  The motorcycle park is in the Professional Park nearby Hall D, and the bike parks are covered areas on the arrivals levels in front of Hall C and Hall D.  They are all free parking areas.  P3 is another car park at the airport, but is used only for those who wish to make reservations.  It is about a seven to eight minute walk from the terminal building.  Toulouse Airport is accessible for persons in wheelchairs, and for those with other disabilities, therefore, dedicated spaces are available in the car parks for disabled drivers. 

Parking payments can be made at the exit of the car parks, by card or cash outside the terminal or by cheque or cash at the Car Park Control Office, which is found on the ground floor of Proxipark P2.  There is also a car park Front Desk on the ground floor of Hall C that accepts cheque payments.  Further information regarding Toulouse Airport parking is available at 05 61 42 44 63.  This number may be used twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  

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