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Toulouse Blagnac Airport is a French airport that is used by almost seven million people every year.  It is also used as a hub by Air France and EasyJet, a popular low-cost airline carrier, and many destinations are offered by these two companies as well as the many others that are present at the airport.  TLS is the airport’s IATA code, to which it may be referred, and in French, it is known as the Aeroport de Toulouse-Blagnac.  Toulouse Airport directions are quite simple to follow, and the airport is just a ten minute drive from the city centre of Toulouse.  Main roads are available, and the route is well signposted. 

This French airport is located approximately 4.1 miles, or 6.7km west northwest of Toulouse, in the Midi-Pyrenees region of the country.  Toulouse is in Southern France, to the west of Montpellier and Nimes and to the east of Bayonne.  Just northwest of the city is Bordeaux, and north is Montauban and Brive-la-Gaillarde.  Lyon and Valence are to the far northeast of Toulouse.  The city’s airport is partly in the area of Blagnac, hence its name of the Toulouse Blagnac Airport, and it is also nearby to Colomiers. 

French cities, including Toulouse, are often surrounded by a ‘ring road’ from where other main roads branch off to the nearby towns and cities.  Surrounding Toulouse on its southern and western sides is the A620, and the A61 is an important road on the city’s eastern and northern sides.  The A620 is one of the important roads for travelling to Toulouse Airport, as it is linked to the A621, from where access to the terminal building and parking areas are available.  Additional roads nearby the airport include the A624, the N124 and the D2 (Route de Toulouse). 

Toulouse Airport directions from the city centre and the east

 Toulouse Airport is about a ten to twenty minute drive from the city centre, depending on traffic conditions, the route followed and the starting destination.  Motorists will need to head in a north-westerly direction to the A620.  Once on the A620 head north and take the turnoff onto the A621.  Continue west on the A621 turning onto Voie le Fil d’Ariane.  This road will shortly turn to the west onto Avenue de Paris, which leads to the terminal building of Toulouse Airport.  Several parking areas are available, and are all well signposted.  Along the popular routes to the airport motorists will also find several signs pointing the way. 

From areas just west of Toulouse such as Montrabe, motorists can use the A68 for a connection to the A61.  Follow the A61 around the north of the city and make a connection with the A620 in a southerly direction.  Turn off onto the A621 and follow the same directions as above. 

Airport directions from the north and south

The main roads on the south of the city are the A61 and the A64, while those north of the city are the A62 and the A68.  The A64 to the north is the road to Toulouse from Tarbes, Saint-Gaudens, Carbonne and Muret, and the A61 leads to Narbonne and passes Villefranche-de-Lauragais and Carcassonne.  The A66 is another main road that leads off the A61.  Travellers from these further areas will connect with the A620 along the south of Toulouse and head for the airport.  From Montauban in the north, motorists will take the A20 that is linked to the A62, and head for Toulouse and the A620.  The A68 is the ideal route from Albi, and passes Gaillac and Saint-Sulpice. 

Toulouse Airport direction from the west

From the areas of L’Isle-Jourdain, Battut, La Salvetat and Colomiers, motorists will travel the N124 for a connection to the A621.  Directions are then available to the airport. 

A number of different parking areas are available to those arriving at Toulouse Airport.  There is an Express Park for just dropping off passengers and an Express Park for stays of up to three hours.  The P1 and P2 Proxipark areas are ideal for short to medium stays and the Ecoparks P5 and P6 are most economical for longer stays.  In addition, there are special parking areas for those with motorcycles.  The terminal building of Toulouse Airport comprises of four halls, namely, Hall A, Hall B, Hall C and Hall D.  The hall to which a departing passenger should report will depend on the airline company in use and the destination of the flight.  Many domestic Air France flights depart from Hall B, while the low-cost airline carriers provide services from Hall C.  Passengers on international flights will depart from Hall D. 

All halls of the airport have several useful facilities.  A new shopping area was recently built in Hall C, and throughout the building some wonderful restaurants and fast-food outlets can be enjoyed.  A few include Paul, Taste’n’Fly and Ciel.  The shopping spaces at the airport hold Donjon, a jewellery store, Beauty Unlimited for perfumes and cosmetics, Relay for books, newspapers and gifts, Express for wines, spirits and fine foods, Sound and Vision for the latest in technology, Tentation for watches and sunglasses, and many others.  Services available include free Wi-Fi connections, digital picture printing services, photo booths, a French post office, vending machines, a Travelex branch for currency exchange options and other monetary services, cash dispensers and a branch of the Banque Populaire – Occitane Bank.  The airport has a very modern business centre, and a welcoming VIP Lounge, referred to as the ‘La Croix du Sud’ Lounge.  All parts of Toulouse Airport are accessible to those with disability challenges. 

Although plenty of parking spaces are available at the airport, many passengers choose to travel by bus or taxi.  There are public buses from several points in the city, as well as the Airport Shuttle, available from several of the Toulouse train stations.  Taxis can be asked to travel to the airport from any location.  There are no direct train services to Toulouse Airport.  

Toulouse Airport directions in further detail can be found at, or the airport can be contacted at +33 1 70 46 74 74.  

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