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Toulouse Blagnac International Airport is located approximately 6.7km, or 4.1 miles from Toulouse, and in the area of Blagnac, hence its popular name of the Blagnac Airport. Since it is a French airport, it is also referred to as the Aeroport de Toulouse-Blagnac, or by its IATA code of TLS. The airport is quite large, as approximately 6.9 million passengers travel through it every year, and has all the facilities one would expect at a modern air transport centre. A number of options for ground transportation are available as well, however, tourists and business professionals often rent a car instead, from car hire companies such as Europcar Toulouse Blagnac Airport. Car rentals are convenient from this airport as all car hire companies are on-site.

The four large halls of Toulouse Airport are each used by specific airline companies, and either for domestic, European or international flights. For example, Air France conducts the majority of their domestic flights from Hall B, while Hall D is used for all international flights. Hall B is the older part of the terminal, while Hall D is the newest, having been completed in March 2010. Hall A is located on the southern end of the terminal building and is used by regional aircraft, while Hall C is for domestic and European flights and is also the main location for low-cost airline carriers. Regardless of where a passenger’s flight lands, all facilities of the airport are within walking distance, including the car hire services that are found in the Proxi Park P2 building, on the ground floor.

Driving in France is quite possible, and most find the road networks to be very good. Having a rented car from Europcar is therefore the ideal way to travel in or out of the city. Large roads usually lead out of the cities to nearby towns, and within the city there are several parking areas available. As with roads in many countries, travellers should expect heavier traffic during rush hours, and should allow more time to reach their destinations. There are road rules to follow, and speed limits that should be obeyed. They are 50kph or 30mph in urban areas, 90kph or 55mph on open roads and 110kph or 70mph on motorways and highways. Fines may be issued if a driver is caught speeding, and this fine will be the responsibility of the renter in the case of a rented car, and not the car rental company.

Before leaving the airport in your rented car ensure that you are comfortable with its workings and that you have emergency numbers to contact in case of an accident or breakdown. Europcar offers both manual and automatic transmission vehicles, therefore be careful to select the one that is best suited to your style of driving. The car will have a full tank of fuel, and should have been checked for safety before your arrival at the airport. Before leaving, also inspect the car for any existing damages, and ensure that these are noted by Europcar. This will ensure that you are not held liable for any damages you did not cause.

At the rental counters the primary renter and all additional drivers listed on the contract will need to show their valid driving licenses, and should be in possession of a major credit card, such as American Express, Visa or MasterCard. An International Driving Permit will be required if the customer’s local license was not issued in the European Union. All drivers should also be over the age of 21. Certain vehicle categories, usually those with larger or specialty vehicles, may require the driver to be 25 years of age or older. The Toulouse Blagnac Airport car hire companies charge an additional insurance fee to all those under the age of 25. Europcar one way hires can be arranged, and from Toulouse Airport, one way hires often have no extra charges.

Child seats and satellite navigation systems can be reserved along with the rented car, should they be required. Keep in mind that it is required by law in France for all in a vehicle to be wearing seatbelts, therefore a child seat is important when travelling with little ones. Although a GPS is not required by any law, it is certainly most useful to those who are unfamiliar with the roads of Toulouse. High quality devices are available that are able to give accurate directions in voice or visual mode, and they are often pre-programmed with thousands of points of interest. Points of interest may include tourist attractions, shopping centres, places of business, restaurants, golf courses and medical centres.

Europcar hand controls for disabled drivers are free of charge from Toulouse Airport. Hand control equipment is only used on certain types of automatic vehicles and will need to be fitted prior to your arrival at the airport, therefore at least a forty-eight hour notice should be given. Examples of automatic cars available from Europcar include the Mercedes Classe A and the Renault Scenic Auto. The Mercedes falls into the Compact vehicle category, while the Renault Scenic is an Intermediate car. Both have air conditioning and many other nice features.

Examples of other vehicles available from Europcar and the Toulouse Blagnac Airport car rental companies are the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, Renault Megane, Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf, Renault Laguna and Renault Grand Scenic. The smaller vehicle models are usually cheaper to hire. Renters should always find out which type of fuel their vehicle will require, as certain vehicles such as the Volkswagen Polo use diesel.

Detailed car hire information can be gathered from Europcar, at Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

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